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Valentines day at Brighton Sewing Centre

February has begun and Valentines day is just around the corner! We’ve made up a selection of Valentines day gift ideas here at Brighton Sewing Centre…

Starting with these lovely heart cushions we are selling in the shop.

heart-cushion-bluepink heart cushion

Hand made by Melinda they are paper pieced together using a range of kona cottons. We love how modern and fresh these look, and they work all year round, not just on valentines day! Available to buy in the shop – £35 each or £30 without the cushion.

We are currently making a pattern for this design so you could have a go making one yourself! Look out for that coming soon, or drop us an email so we can let you know as soon as they are available.

Continuing the heart jewel theme, we have designed a valentines colouring in embroidery kit! A small but sweet little embroidered heart outline which you then fill in with blocks of embroidered colour! (and it comes in a free linen bag!)


If you like the look of the linen we have used here, we have it on our website along with some other lovely new linens here

And lastly we are selling these fun valentines day embroidered designs in four different colours!

i love you more than my sewing machine instagram 1

At £8 each including the hoop, they would make a lovely gift for a loved one. The design is embroidered onto a 25cm x 35cm piece of cotton fabric which can be taken out of the hoop and sewn into whatever you wish! Or it looks lovely in the hoop an hung on the wall! You could even colour in some of the lettering with a quick satin stitch to personalize it.

Happy Valentines day!


Brother Machine Embroidery day 2nd February 2016

EMBROIDERY HOOP JPEGWhen you think about embroidery and really take notice, you’ll see it is used throughout the sewing world, from designer clothes and lingerie to household items such as bedding and curtains, handmade quilts, logo’s on sportswear, hats and bags, the list goes on.

For centuries, embroidery has been done by hand by the domestic sewer and now it’s seen on an industrial scale for mass manufacturing. Machine embroidery has never been so accessible as it is today with the incredible domestic embroidery machines that are on offer.


Here at Brighton Sewing Centre we are showcasing Brother embroidery machines on Tuesday 2nd February 2016. We have an extensive range of Brother embroidery machines and we will be demonstrating the incredible Brother Innov-is XV. This machine is apart of the top range of Brother sewing and embroidery machines, capable of turning drawings into stitches in less than 10 minutes! Here in the shop we will set up the machine and embroider out a whole range of designs, whilst also having the lovely Rachel, a Brother specialist, on hand to answer any burning questions! Come along to watch the machine in action and find out more about the ins and outs of Brothers range of embroidery machine’s, or if your just wanting to marvel at how amazing the embroidery machines are then you are welcome to pop by!


We are also running a fun competition alongside this event!


You could see your own embroidery designs come to life by entering our competition! Simply design whatever you want to see turned into stitches, and send it to us!
You can send it to us via email:
or via Facebook or Instagram.
Here’s some boring rules……
Your design must fit onto an A4 piece of paper, and be a line drawing, and of course it mustn’t be offensive or rude!
Send it to us before 5pm Tuesday 2nd February and we will choose our favorite design!
The winner will have their design embroidered out onto a fat quarter and a bag for free!
So get creative and start designing! It could be sewing related, a self portrait, a drawing you did as a child, something your child drew, something from nature, something abstract, a household object or just a happy quote! 

We look forwardto seeing what you design!

Here’s an example of how your design could look:

Embroidery design


runing stitch header-01-01

Running Stitch instructions

Running stitch is one of the easiest hand sewing stitches, and the one you will you probably use the most! Just two simple steps repeated to form lines and lines of stitching!

running stitch step1-01

Stitch up through where the yellow circle is


running stitch step 2-01

And then back through where the blue circle is

running stitch step 3-01

Repeat these two steps, making sure your stitches are even length and even distances apart.


running stitch step 4-01

You can then use this stitch to fill in shapes like illustrated below, either with spaced out, irregular stitches or closer, dense stitches to fill the spaces differently.

running stitch hearts-01

french knot stitch header-01

French knot stitch instructions

French Knot stitch can be used as a filler stitch or can be used just to fill in small circles.

french knot step 1-01

Pull the thread up through the fabric

french knot step 2-01

Before putting the needle back through the fabric, wrap the thread from the eye of the needle around the point three times, then push the needle through the fabric close to where you just came up. It helps if you pull the thread tight with your other hand.

french knot step 3-01

Pull the thread through nice and tight, the three loops you wrapped around the thread should tighten to form a french knot!

french knot stitch step 4-01


You can then repeat this stitch irregularly across the fabric to create a speckled effect, and even change the size of each knot by varying the amount of times you wrap the thread around the needle.

satin stitch header-01

Satin stitch instructions


Satin stitch is most used for filling shapes and creating blocks of colour. You can also integrate different colour threads into your satin stitch to make a variegated colour shape.satin stitch step 1-01

Bring the thread up through from the back, at the edge of the shape you are filling

satin stitch step 2-01

Go back through where the blue circle is, going across the width of the design

satin stitch step 3-01

Repeat this stitch each time making sure your at the furthest edge of each side of the design

satin stitch step 4-01

Repeat all the way down the shape filling the whole space, making sure the lines are close enough together.

satin stitch step 5-01

rgb back stitch header

Back stitch instructions

Back stitch is super simple and great for hand embroidery to make a solid line to outline shapes and words. Similar to running stitch but much tighter and stronger. backstitch step 1-01

Push the needle up through where the blue circle is

backstitch step 2-01

And then go back down through to the left of the blue circle where the yellow circle is

backstitch step 3-01

When you come back up through make sure you are a small distance away from the first stitch so that there is enough room to go back again.

backstitch step 4-01

Put the needle back through to the left of the blue circle again. Repeat these steps to make lines of stitching. If you prefer you can make the lines much tighter by leaving less of a gap between each stitch.

seeding stitch header-01

Seeding stitch instructions

Seeding stitch is a great decorative stitch for hand embroidery and is a fun filler stitch too!

Here’s how to do it:blog seeding stitches step 1-01

Bring the needle up through the fabric

blog seeding stitches step 2-01

Then push it back through to make a small stitch

blog seeding stitches step 3-01

Then bring it up through again just above the stitch you just did and make another stitch the same length by then going through the yellow circle. This finishes the seeding effect which you can then repeat randomly across the fabric.

blog seeding stitches step 4-01

chain stitch header-01

Chain stitch instructions

Chain stitch is easy once you get the hang of it, and it looks lovely as a decorative outline stitch for hand embroidery.

Here’s how to do it:

chain stitch step 1-01-01

Stitch up through the fabric

chain stitch step 2-01-01

Push the needle back through the fabric, but make sure you don’t pull it too tight so you are leaving a little loop.

chain stitch step 3-01-01

Bring the needle back up through the fabric just below the top of the loop – like shown

chain stitch step 4-01-01

Push the needle back through the fabric catching the top of the loop underneath the stitch to secure it in place.

giff step 12-01

Repeat these step to create the chain effect. You can try changing the size of the loops to make the chains longer or shorter.

sample sale blog photo

Brighton Sewing Centre 3 day event!

raffle tickets-01From Thursday 19th – Saturday 21st November 2015 we’ll be offering great discounts on books, fat quarters and other lovely things in our shop. Our event starts with a sample sale and the shop will be open from 9.30am – 8pm on Thursday with lots of added festive cheer and treats!

Thursday 19th November – Sample sale – late night shopping until 8pm

Friday 20th November – Embroidery machine demonstration (runs throughout the day)

Saturday 21st November – Sale continues – Sewing machine prize draw at 4pm

Across the 3 days we will be running a prize draw raffle – you could be in for the chance of winning a brand new beginners sewing machine! Every time you spend £5 in the shop you can choose a ticket that’s entered into the raffle that will be drawn on Saturday 21st November at 4pm and the winner will be contacted by telephone.

We’ll also be demoing all the Brother embroidery machines including the incredible Brother Innov-is XV. You can see how it works and maybe have a little go! With a built in scanner you can draw up a design, scan it and embroider it out in less than 10 minutes. It’s one of the best domestic embroidery machines available so pop in and take a look for yourself.xvAs you might have seen before in our little shop, we display lots of lovely samples that are hand made by Melinda, many of which have been featured on our blog. We will be selling all our samples, from kids clothes to bags and quilts, so you might find the perfect Christmas present or a small something for yourself at great prices! Or simply have a look and get inspiration! All samples are sold as seen.

sample examples blog rgbOn top of all that, fat quarters will be on sale and all books will be reduced to 25% off!

fat quartes sale blog post

Thursday 19th – Friday 20th – Saturday 21st – November 2015

Put the dates in your diary and we’ll see you then!

Brighton Sewing Centre


quilt folded up

Alyssa Thomas ABC Quilt

The lovely Amanda has made up this cute baby quilt using Alyssa Thomas’ ABC fabric.

abc quilt image 3

We love this super sweet quilt, it’s very fresh and fun using Alyssa Thomas’ ABC range with alphabet animals and simple pink on white prints. The yellow, orange and blue colours make it perfect for a baby boy OR girl!  Read More

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