Best Foot Forward – The Custom Crafted Zig Zag Foot

This week on the blog we are looking at the Custom Crafted Zig Zag Foot (this links to Janome cat B/C foot) – also known as the Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot.

Open toe zig zag

What is it used for?
This foot makes it easy to sew decorative stitches, or monogram, as you can see exactly where the needle is going through the fabric. The bottom of the foot is slightly concave, so it allows the line of raised stitching to feed under the foot easily, and so not get stuck on the foot which affects the look of the stitching. As you can see the sewing line so clearly, embroiderers also like this foot for cut work. Patchworkers often use this foot when following a drawn line, for example when making quick pieced half square triangles. It is also really handy when sewing appliqué on the machine – if you wish to sew round a motif using zig zag/satin, or blanket stitch, you can see clearly where the needle is going through the fabric, and so get an accurate line of sewing.

How does it fit on?
It snaps on, so is easy and quick to change – no need to get the screwdriver out.

How much is it?
This Janome foot currently costs £17. Before ordering a foot, make sure you know whether you need category A or B/C as they are slightly different (although the same price). The category corresponds with whether the bobbin is a top or front loading, so if you can give us your machine model number, or even describe it, we can match you with the right one.

Any other info…
This foot is included in the Janome quilting kit, so you may already own one.
Here is a short video from Janome showing how the foot works with decorative stitches.
See the Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot here

Best Foot Forward is a weekly series, where we look at the different feet available for sewing machines. We currently write about Janome feet, as these are our best-sellers, however if you would like to know more about feet for other machines get in touch.

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