Best Foot Forward – The Rolled Hem Foot

The Rolled Hem Foot
This week we are looking at the Rolled Hem Foot (this links to cat B/C foot) for Janome sewing machines.rolled hem foot

What is it used for?
This foot enables you to sew precise, narrow hems. The foot has a spiral through which you feed the fabric, this creates a rolled hem, then there is ridge underneath to feed the folded fabric through whilst it is sewn. They are especially useful when creating items that need a light or circular hem, such as linings, summer scarves, table cloths, circle skirts, creating ruffles.
The feet come in different sizes depending on the width of the hem you need create.

How does it fit on?
It snaps on, so is easy and quick to change – no need to get the screwdriver out.

How much is it?
The Janome foot pictured costs £15.
We also sell them for Brother and Bernina machines, however the prices vary.
Before ordering a foot, make sure you know whether you need category A or B/C as they are slightly different (although the same price). The category corresponds with whether the bobbin is a top or front loading, so if you can give us your machine model number, or even describe it, we can match you with the right one.

Buy – the Rolled Hem Foot

Any other info…

As with everything, practice makes perfect, so try it out with scraps of fabric, and only use it on your sewing project when you are confident it works how you want it to. If you are using a fine fabric, such as chiffon, remember to use the correct needle in the machine.
The standard size hemmer foot is included with many of our sewing machines, such as the Janome J3-24 and the Janome 423s. If you have never used it before, and are wondering whether you have one, check the image above and have a look through your sewing box.

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