Chevron Baby Quilt

We fell in love with Aneela Hooey’s latest fabric range Posy and wanted to make something modern that would show the lovely colours and patterns well.

We got our inspiration from something we found on Pinterest and we just loved the idea.
We made it ever so slightly different from the one we had found and obviously we like ours more!
This is a great cot size – Finished quilt size 85cm x 120cm ( 33.5” x 51” )


To make
We used 12 different fabrics from the range or you could use a jelly roll.

You need 2 x 2.5” wide – strips of each fabric. If buying off the bolt you would have to ask for a long quarter of each fabric and you’d have some fabric left over.

Once you have cut your 2 strips of each fabric you need to arrange them in a colour order that you’re happy with.

You only use one of the strips to work out the colour order but when the strips are joined up you will need 2 of each fabric.


Join strips together lengthwise with a quarter inch seam.
One of your strips is joined to the previous fabric in the colour order and the same fabric strip is joined to the next fabric in the colour order.


Then you will need to cut them into 4.5” strips.
See in the picture above how you have 2 of the same fabrics joined to different fabrics, you need to keep to this pattern to make the chevrons take shape.


Lay your blocks out to see the chevrons forming, start with the first block and repeat across, then turn the adjoining block to form the chevron. Once you have laid your blocks out you can see the pattern and then separate into strips so you can sew them together in vertical strips.

Keep checking that the pattern is working as it only takes one around the wrong way to throw the whole quilt out!

Start sewing
Once you have sewn all your blocks together vertically and then all the rows, you can trim off the edges to make a rectangle. Then put together with your wadding and backing, quilt and bind! We quilted this one with vertical lines to keep with the theme but there are a world of possibilities for quilting.


This was such a lovely quilt to make 🙂
It had just the right amount of challenge and lots of satisfying ‘Ooh’s and Aah’s’ when we’d finished.

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