Kids summer dress

We have a fantastic pattern for a little girls summer dress for sale at our shop and we thought it would be a good idea to show you how easy it is to use this pattern for a slightly different style.


Step 1 – Sew your side seams together as per pattern instructions. Finish your armhole edges and top edges, either with an overlocker or using a zig zag stitch.


Step 2 – Turn the armhole edge in 1cm and stitch down close to finished edge.


Step 3 – Fold the front and back edges over approx 2.5cm and stitch down. This makes a channel to put your shoulder straps through.


Step 4 – Cut a piece of cord. Make it a generous length so you can tie a bow on each shoulder. The length will be dependant on the size of the dress and how loopy you’d like your bow. As a guide 80cm for 2 lengths should do up to 4 years. We used this for cord but it’s really up to you depending on what look you’re going for.


Step 5 – Attach a safety pin to one end of the cord. Pass 1 piece of your cord through the front channel and 1 piece through the back channel. Tie a bow on each side.

Step 6 – Once on your child adjust shoulder ties to fit. Trim cord if necessary.


For this pattern and more see our shop here.


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